Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is alcohol permitted on the boat?

A:  Yes, alcohol is permitted on the boat by anyone 21 years or older.

Q:  Do I need a fishing license?

A: Anyone 16 years old and over is required to have a fishing license when fishing on Lake George.

Q:   Do my kids need to wear a life jacket?

A:  Being a licensed passenger vessel, it is not required, but we do encourage it.  We provide life jackets for everyone on the boat of any age.  Anyone tubing or involved in any water sports is required to wear a life jacket.

Q:  Should we bring our own cooler?

A:  You can bring your own cooler if you wish, we do have coolers on the boat and will provide ice.

Q:  Do we need our own fishing gear?

A:  No, we will provide all fishing poles and bait, lures, etc.  You are welcome to bring your own gear if you wish.

Q:  Is there a bathroom on the boat?

A:  We have a porta potty on board that is in an area that has a privacy curtain that you can use.  We also do stop at Glen Island if needed to use the bathroom.

Q:  What should we bring?

A:  Bring any food you'd like to eat and plenty to drink.  Bring towels, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, any medications you may need (ex. Epipen)

Q:  Will we stop anywhere?

Depending on the tour, sometimes guests like to stop at Glen Island where there is a store on the island.  The store has most items a regular convenience store would have.

Q:  Can we tube and fish the same day?

Usually not.  Depending on the length of the charter, we like to stick to one or the other.  Changing gears takes time and wastes your time enjoying the lake.  It can be arranged if the charter is long enough.